Inter Island Public Health Forum

October 2004 – Isle of Wight

Ninth Inter Island Public Health Forum
Medical Education Centre, St. Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight
Monday 11th October 2004 to Wednesday 13th October 2004

“Major Incident Response and LIVEX”


Monday 11th October 2004

Morning Session

SESSION 1: Introduction

Welcome (Val Anderson)
Islands, Public Health and Command structures (Paul Bingham)
Role of the Ambulance Service (Darren Claydon)
Role of the Fire Service (Bob Rice)
Backing up an island in the event of an emergency – views of a mainlander (John Henly)

SESSION 2: Communicable disease emergencies / Top-up

Health Protection Agency (Chris Gundry)
Dealing with a TB incident in a prison (Paul Bingham)
Mass immunisation and chemoprophylaxis (Steve Grogan/Paul Jerrom)
Suicide (Dr Elizabeth King)Top Up
Joint Advisory Cell – composition and function (John Henly)
Public Health and the Health Protection Agency – who does what? (Elaine Farmery)
NHS equipment/drug pods – what are they and how would they be used? (Chris Gundry)
Afternoon session

SESSION 3: Practical scenario 1

Chemical Hazards and poisons – the way forward (Elaine Farmery)
Practical scenario (Matthew Drinkwater/Sarah McCrea)
SESSION 4: Practical scenario 2

Continuation of practical scenario (ChaPD)
Annual General Meeting

Forum Dinner – Northwood House, Cowes

Tuesday 12th October 2004

Morning Session

SESSION 5: Presentations by Islands 1

Guernsey (Malcolm Parker)
Gibraltar (Leslie Edmond)
Orkney (Valerie Cameron)

SESSION 6: Presentations by islands 2 / Top-up 2

Jersey (Duncan Nicholson)
Isle of Man (lan MacLean)
Toxbase (Elaine Farmery)
Health protection and communication (Liz Morgan-Lewis)
Afternoon Session

SESSION 7: Community issues and occupational health/epidemiological follow-up

Crisis support (Simon Smith)
Lessons from Victim Support (Lena Patterson)
Occupational health of 999 workers (Sue Plant)
Long term epidemiological follow-up of an incident (Colin Ramsey)
SESSION 8: Media and control rooms

Relating to the media (Dave Atwill)
Introduction to LIVEX 2004 (Paul Bingham)

Wednesday 13th October 2004

LIVEX 2004 observation

Thursday 14th October 2004

LIVEX 2004 observation


LIVEX 2004


On 13th and 14th October 2004 a major Emergency Planning exercise – LIVEX 2004 – was held on the Isle of Wight. The exercise scenario, prepared with assistance from the Chemical Hazards Prevention Division (UK), tested not only the ability of Island based emergency services and local authority but also the ability of the mainland to respond and reinforce them when dealing with a major incident on the island. The exercise simulated all levels of major incident management, including operational (bronze), tactical (silver) and strategic (gold) command.

Agencies involved

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary, Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, Isle of Wight Ambulance Service, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority, Isle of Wight Healthcare NHS Trust, Isle of Wight Primary Care Trust, Environment Agency, Isle of Wight Council, Southern Water and Isle of Wight College.

The Fire Service operated in the “hot zone” in gas-tight suits, while the Ambulance Service used NHS personal protective equipment in the “warm zone”.

IIPHF participation

Delegates to the Inter Island Public Health Forum Conference were given an opportunity to observe the exercise closely as special invitees at all command levels, including the Police Headquarters (Gold) at Southampton and invited to contribute to the debriefing afterwards.

The Forum is grateful to the Isle of Wight authorities for this unique learning experience.

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