Inter Island Public Health Forum

October 1995 – Channel Islands

Second Inter Island Public Health Forum
Ouless Room, Jersey Museum
Thursday 19th October to Saturday 20th October 1995


Thursday 19th October 1995

The Pomme D’Or Hotel, St Helier Orchard Suite

Vin D’Honneur (Deputy Bob Hill, Jersey Tourism Member)

Friday 20th October 1995

Ouless Room, Jersey Museum

Morning Session

Welcome to Jersey (Deputy Percy J Le Masurier, Services Committee)
Health Care on Small Islands: What Makes Islands Different? (Ms Julie Hotchkiss, Public Health Specialist, Wirral Health)
Common Health Problems in Commonwealth Small Island States (Dr Helen Bichan, Commonwealth Secretariats)
Managing a Major Infectious Disease Outbreak in the Isle Of Wight – Public Health or Public Relations? (Dr Paul Bingham Consultant in Public Health Medicine)
A Smoke Free Island – Should we, can we, will we achieve it? (Patricia Vinycomb Health Promotion, Isle of Wight)
Mammography Services in Argyl and Clyde (Dr Cameron Stark Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Ayrshire & Arran)
Improving Breast Feeding in Guernsey (Ann Lomax Health Visitor, Community Practice Teacher)
Lifestyle Survey in the Isles of Scilly (Dr. Brian Guttridge Consultant in Public Health Medicine) and (Mrs Marian Bennett Secretary to Isles of Scilly Community Health Council)

General Questions and Discussion

Afternoon Session

Site visits and Workshops (as arranged)

Bellozane Sewage Treatment Plant
Jersey Wildlife Trust “an integrated animal environment”
Workshop “Developing Public Health Strategies within Funding Constraints”
Workshop “Island Public Health Common Datasets”
Workshop “Developing Health Promotion Strategies for Island Communities”
Forum Dinner Jersey Yacht Club

Saturday 21st October 1995

Morning Session

(Chair: Dr. Richard Grainger, MOH, Jersey)

Jersey Against Cancer (Val Garnier & staff of Jersey Health Promotion Unit)
How relevant are the “Health of the Nation” targets for small island communities? (Dr David Jeffs Director of Public Health Guernsey)
Towards Healthier Alliances – Guidance for Planning, Evaluating and Developing Healthier Alliances (Dr Viv Speller Director, Health Promotion Division, Wessex Institute of Public Health Medicine)
Waste Management Strategy, Industrial Waste & EU Legislation (Mr Jeffrey North Chief Environmental Health Inspector, Isle of Man)
Air Quality Monitoring and Management (Steve Read & Mike Webley, Enviro Technology Svcs Plc)

Questions and Discussion
Business Meeting : The Third Inter Island Public Health Forum. Where? When? Who?

Conference close

Afternoon Session

At liberty – Why not “be a tourist” for a while?


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