Inter Island Public Health Forum

May 2000 – Gibraltar

Fifth Inter Island Public Health Forum
Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar
Thursday 11th May 2000 to Saturday 13th May 2000


Thursday 11th May 2000

Morning Session

Registration and Coffee
Welcome (Mr. Ernest Lima, Chief Executive, Gibraltar Health Authority)
Inaugural Address (The Hon. Keith Azopardi, Dy Chief Minister, Government of Gibraltar)

SESSION A ASSESSING NEEDS (Chair: Dr. Vijay Kumar, DPH, Gibraltar)
Smoking in Gibraltar Schools (Mr. Maurice Valarino, EHO, Gibraltar)
Prevalence of Obesity in Gibraltar children (Ms. Melanie Chipolina, Dietician, Gibraltar)

SESSION B INFECTION CONTROL (Chair: Mr. Pepin Delgado, CEHO, Gibraltar)
E.Coli transmission through untreated water supply (Dr. Ken Oates, Highlands Board)
Guidelines for infection control in playgroups (Mr. Anthony Bruce, Jersey)
Managing the BSE scare (Mr. Ivan Bratty, Isle of Man)

Afternoon Session

SESSION C SUBSTANCE MISUSE (Chair: Dr. Michael George, Western Isles)
Developing a substance misuse strategy (Mr. David Kaye, Jersey)
Tailoring an Island drug strategy (Dr. David Jeffs, Guernsey)

Escorted Visit to the Gibraltar Water Catchments

Friday 12th May 2000

Morning Session

SESSION D HEALTH ECONOMICS (Chair : Dr. Michael George, Western Isles)

Economics of osteoporosis prevention in island communities (Dr. David Jeffs, Guernsey)
Programme budgets – a better way to plan? (Dr. John Harvey, Jersey)

Afternoon Session


Introduction to the topic (Dr. Vijay Kumar, Gibraltar)
Discussion in Small Groups
Feedback from Group leaders
Summing Up by Chairman

SESSION F HOUSING & TRANSPORT (Chair : Dr. Paul Bingham, Isle of Wight)

Joined up Travel (Dr.Paul Bingham, Isle of Wight)
Local dimensions (Group session led by Ms. Mandy Ponder, Isle of Wight)

SESSION G SUPRA-ISLAND ISSUES (Chair : Surg Cmdr Butterfield, RN Northwood)

Emergency planning for small communities (Mr. Chris Grundry, NHS(SE) & Isle of Wight)
Monitoring Infant deaths (Ms. Melanie Gompels (Wessex CESDI)

Civic Reception and Welcome (The Hon. Dr. Bernard Linares, Minister for Health)
Conference Dinner at St. Michael’s Cave
After dinner address (Dr. A. ‘Don’ Bacarese-Hamilton, Retd. DPH, Gibraltar)

Saturday 13th May 2000

Morning Session

SESSION H WORKPLACE HEALTH (Chair : Mr. Brian Liddle, Western Isles)
Working partnerships for Occupational Health (Ms. Sue Plant, Isle of Mann)
Developing partnership working (Mr. Brian Liddle, Western Isles)

SESSION I INTO THE FUTURE (Chair : Mr. Ernest Lima, Gibraltar)
The IIPHF Web Page (Dr. Paul Bingham, Isle of Wight)
Business Meeting : Planning for Autumn 2001 (all members)
Summing up (Mr. Ernest Lima, Gibraltar)

Closure of Conference

Tour of Gibraltar (optional)


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