Inter Island Public Health Forum

July 2017 – Jersey

14th Inter Island Public Health Conference
6th & 7th July 2017 – Jersey, Channel Islands
Ouless Room,  Jersey Museum, St Helier



Morning Session

9.15 Open conference/ Welcome key note speaker (Dr Susan Turnbull, MOH Jersey)
9.30 Key note speaker: Why Islands are special and where the IIPHF might go (Dr Paul Bingham, Isle of Wight)
10.00 Re-positioning of Public Health/MOH role in Jersey (Dr Susan Turnbull, MOH Jersey)
10.20 A tonic for directors of public health (Professor John Middleton, President of the Faculty of Public Health, England)
10.40 Questions 
11.20 Why health inequalities will make you question everything (Marguerite Clarke, Public Health Statistics Unit, Jersey)
11.40 Measuring inequality in Jersey – an ongoing process (Jill Birbeck, Strategic Public Health, Jersey & Marguerite Clarke, PHS, Jersey)
12.00 Inequalities in the Island setting (Louise Wilson, Orkney)
12.20 Local area coordination as an approach to tackling health inequalities (Anita Cameron-Smith, Isle of Wight) 

Afternoon Session

14.00 Drug and Alcohol Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (Dawn Henley, Isle of Man)
14.20 Jersey Tobacco Strategy – Creating a Smokefree Generation (Martin Knight, Strategic Public Health, Jersey)
14.40 Achieving high quit rates in smoking cessation (Joanna O’Donnell, Western Isles)
15.20 Ascertaining priorities for community planning (Gayle Findlay/Maggie Watts, Western Isles)
15.40 Creating a Public Health Outcomes Framework for the Isle of Man (Madeline Sayle, Isle of Man)
16.00 Healthy Eating for Healthy Living in the 5-13 age group (Daya Dewfall & Emily Lopez, Gibraltar)
16.20 Discuss key themes 

19.00 Dinner at Radisson Hotel, St Helier

Day 2, FRIDAY 7th JULY  

Morning Session

9.15 Welcome/open 2nd day (Dr Susan Turnbull, MOH Jersey)
9.30 We have known about it since 1842 – perhaps we should do something about it (Stewart Petrie, Environmental Health, Jersey)
9.50 Air quality around primary schools in Guernsey (Cathy Rirsch/Tobin Cook, Environmental Health, Guernsey)
10.10 Public Health risks of a beached oil rig (Maggie Watts, Western Isles)
10.30 Public Health in midwifery (Alex Hawkins-Drew, Guernsey)
11.10 Implementing a mass vaccination catch up on a small island (Dr Linda Diggle, Preventive Programmes Jersey)
11.30 Making sexual health services accessible (Dr Nicola Brink, Guernsey)
11.50 Solutions to social isolation (Martin Malcolm, Western Isles)
12.10 “When African Fever called … the story of the unknown seaman” (Dr Vijay Kumar, Gibraltar)
12.30 Closing remarks (Dr Susan Turnbull, MOH Jersey)
14.00 IIPHF AGM: All delegates welcome
14.30 Conference closes