Inter Island Public Health Forum

Julie Parker

Julie Parker

Title of Presentation: ‘The Gibraltar Family Approach to Diabetes prevention dissertation project’

Since 1980 here has been a 70% worldwide increase in the incidence of Type 2 diabetes T2DM. Increases have been fuelled by an aging populous, worldwide increase in obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles. Diabetes prevention sessions have been offered to address these modifiable risk factors when people enter into ‘pre diabetes ‘diagnostic reference ranges (42-47 mmol/mol).

Scientists are increasingly acknowledging the effects of genetics and family heritability. It is estimated that if one parent has T2DM this would confer a 40% chance for their offspring of developing T2DM. If both parents have T2DM the risk is estimated at 70-70% for their offspring.

In Gibraltar there are 43 families where both parents have T2DM. A novel approach has been piloted (as part of an MSc programme). Bespoke family centred education was offered to each of the 43 families to attend as ‘family groups’ BEFORE the onset of clinical abnormalities. This presentation will discuss the research project and progress to date.