Inter Island Public Health Forum

Dr Nicola Brink

Dr Nicola Brink

Title of Presentation: ‘The development of a Public Health Outcomes Framework – Can we benchmark across Islands?’

Developing a Guernsey and Alderney Public Health Outcomes Framework will enable us to present an overarching vision for Public Health, the outcomes we want to achieve and the indicators that we will measure. Importantly this also gives us an opportunity to benchmark our Public Health outcomes against comparable areas within the UK and other Island communities. We will present information on what indictors we would like to measure with a focus on collaborative working to measure indicators unique to Island living.

Title of presentation: ‘Reducing Unintended Teenage Pregnancies.’

To support a reduction in unintended teenage pregnancies, we have worked across government departments, Primary Care and the Community Sector in the Bailiwick of Guernsey to make a full range of contraceptive services available for women under the age of 21 years. Young women can access free contraceptive provision, including long acting reversible contraceptives, at a service of their choice, rather than from a single service provider. This includes Primary Care Practices in Guernsey and Alderney, a community contraception and sexual health clinic and a States of Guernsey genitourinary medicine service. Results on the implementation of this programme will presented.