Inter Island Public Health Forum

Dr Maggie Watts

Dr Maggie Watts

Title of Presentation/poster: Raising awareness of Lyme disease in the Western Isles


  • Rising public concern about Lyme disease
  • Higher than national incidence of erythem migrans and positive Borrelia serology.


  • Worked with local stakeholders to develop suite of materials, public and professional information events
  • Covered prevalence of disease, distribution and lifecycle of ticks and Borrelia spirochaetes, and measures to reduce risk of contracting Lyme disease.


  • Well attended education sessions
  • Distribution of tick removal tools and materials to all schools and nurseries
  • National interest generated


  • Awareness campaign developed and implemented
  • Rolled out widely
  • Engagement with Health Protection Scotland for further work locally.

Title of Presentation/poster: ‘The Giant Inflatable Colon tour of the Western Isles.’


  • Inform and empower people to talk about bowel cancer
  • Introduce the new bowel screening test

Events hosted in four locations across the Western Isles, enabling access for wide attendance.

The Giant Inflatable Colon was the focal point, a walk-through large scale replica of the human colon, used to educate about a range of diseases that affect the colon.

Posters created using photographs taken of local people framed in a ‘golden toilet seat’.

Related health issues were also discussed such as alcohol, tobacco and diet.


Positive evaluation with increased commitment to undertake bowel screening test.

Download presentation here.