Inter Island Public Health Forum

Dawn Henley

Dawn Henley

Title of Presentation: ‘Preventing and Managing Falls in people aged 65 years and over.’

In common with the rest of the developed world the Isle of Man has an ageing population. Preventing older people from falling is a challenge for the Department of Health and Social Care, and the wider community. The Public Health Directorate recently undertook a review of falls provision and preventative interventions in Hospital and inpatient settings, Community Health Care, Government and privately run Care Homes using the NICE Baseline Tool for Falls, and the West Midlands Quality Review Service, Quality Standards for Falls.   The presentation will focus on the findings and recommendations to improve future falls provision in the over 65’s.

Title of Presentation: ‘Substance Misuse Strategy – a clear approach to tackling drug and alcohol misuse on the Isle of Man.’

The Strategy was launched in March 2018 to tackle a full range of substances that are misused and cause problems to the individual, families and the wider community on the Isle of Man. The presentation will give an insight into how we identified local issues (JSNA), and used this information to develop the Strategy, and how we are going to work collaboratively to achieve the ‘priorities for action’ identified within the four work streams as shown below:

  • Governance, Data and Performance
  • Education and Prevention
  • Legislation and Enforcement
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation and priority areas for action.