Inter Island Public Health Forum


Who Are We?

The IIPHF is a loose association of health professionals and others with an interest in the special health needs of small island communities.

Credit for recognising the need for a meeting place for people, who develop and provide health services for small island communities, to meet and discuss common problems and to share workable solutions, must be given to the Isle of Wight public health department, who organised the first meeting in 1993.

Originally, participants were drawn from the islands around Britain (Isle of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, etc.), but over a period of time, the Forum has sought to expand globally to include all English-speaking islands in the firm belief that circumstances affecting health in small island communities are frequently universal and therefore opportunities for shared learning and innovation must always exist.

Participants usually come from health and related professions, including public health doctors, environmental health officers, health promotion specialists, occupational health practitioners, infection control officers, health and safety advisors, disaster-planners, general practitioners, screening providers, trainees in the above professions and many other health-related disciplines.

What Do We Do?

Although the Forum is dedicated to the advancement of public health practice in small islands, all persons interested in its work are welcome.

There is not a great wealth of academic literature on small island health and more needs to be done. The 1994 review commissioned by the WHO and conducted by Julia Hotchkiss of the University of Liverpool was a seminal piece of work in this respect, and its report titled “Health Care in Small Islands” (1994) is available on this site.

The Forum meets every 18 months at Forum Conferences held over 2-3 days at various island locations and providing a varied content of public health matters. These events give opportunities not only to see how other locations with similar problems and resources are addressing them but also to network.

Abstracts and presentations from some of the topics can be downloaded from this site.